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Wastewater treatment is a process to improve and purify the water, removing some or all of the contaminants, making it fit for reuse or discharge back to the environment. In many parts of India, health problems and diseases have often been caused by discharging untreated or inadequately treated wastewater. The pollution of water has a serious impact on all living creatures, and can negatively affect the use of water for drinking, household needs, recreation, fishing, transportation, and commerce.

Properly treating wastewater assures that acceptable overall water quality is maintained. A complete treatment system may consist of the application of a number of physical, chemical and biological processes to the wastewater.

Chemical treatment consists of using some chemical reaction or reactions to improve the water quality. We are very much aware of our buyers’ requirements and have successfully provided the required chemicals to meet their requirements of water treatment, industrial water treatment, waste water treatment and related specialty treatment.
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List of Effluent Treatment Chemicals
Flocculants Coagulants
Antifoaming agents Alum
Buffering solutions Color Remover

List of RO Chemicals
RO Antiscalant
RO Antiscalant for high silica /iron
Organic & Inorganic Cleaner RO


List of Boiler Water Chemicals
Antiscalant and Oxygen Scavenger, condensate corrosion inhibitor Alkalinity Builder
Antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor All Volatile Treatments
Oxygen Scavenger-Powder    
Oxygen Scavenger    


List of Cooling Tower Chemicals
Antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor Microbiocide Oxidizing Chlorine-90%
Corrosion inhibitor and Antiscalant internal circuit Microbiocide Non oxidizing Biodispersent
Corrosion inhibitor Gluteraldehyde based biocide    
Dispersant Microbiocide-closed circuit    


List of De-scaling Chemicals
Descaling Inorganic Acid Not for SS        
Descaling Powder        
On line cleaning-Boiler        
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