Engineering Consultancy
The Engineering Department at EnviroWay is well equipped to cater the client’s industrial requirements with a complete range of solution which includes “Concept to Commissioning and Beyond………” and covers:
Development of Concepts
Basic Engineering
Details Engineering in Process
Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation
Onsite Project Installation & Commissioning
After Sales Support
Efficiency Enhancement and Product Quality Improvement
EnviroWay team undergo the detail study of the following characteristic of the effluent before designing the best effective pollution control solution:
Type of Contaminants Life Length of the Equipment
Concentration of Contaminants Desired Quality of the End Product
PH, Temperature, Turbidity, Bio degradability and Solids Content Operating Conditions to be Handled by the Plant
Suitability of Treatment Equipment Plant Design-ability to Accommodate for Variations in Volume
Affordability Flexibility-Allowing for Future Modifications and Additions or Subtractions in Capacity
Energy Efficiency Location and Site Characteristics
Versatility-range of contaminants that can be treated Availability of Space
O & M Requirements Energy Requirements: including Source and Availability
Labour Requirements    
  The Engineering team of EnviroWay consists of a core group of highly experienced engineers, technologists and skilled site supervisors.  
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