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Welcome to EnviroWay International

  Water is a huge, forthcoming issue in India as it has nearly 20% of the world’s population but has less than 5% of the world’s water resources with depleting ground water table and deteriorating current water quality.

Population pressures and increased economic activity means demand for water is growing inexorably while the supply is finite. A special attention and advance practical solution is particularly required in water and waste water treatment to face the water shortage situation which is only getting worse.

EnviroWay on thorough thoughtful reflection of nature’s ability to heal any pollution, presented sustainable and effective prescriptions for pollution with a diversity of biological, chemical & engineering tools backed by advanced professional knowledge.

We wish to change the way industries perform to catalyze for a greener global market with focus on opening new accounts, keeping them, solving their problems to produce efficiency and expanding our experience with our best products & services for the market.

The company began its operations in the year 2005 with its expertise in biological product and process. In last nine years, it has diversified itself in biological, chemical and engineering products, services and consultancy to give a complete package solution to our clients for all their water and environmental concerns.

EnviroWay is at the forefront of wastewater reclamation, treatment & reuse and are focused on providing customers with current solutions that help them save water and energy and reduce operating costs.

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