Lab Equipments & Analyzers
We also assist you in establishing your ETP/ STP lab with facilities to analyse basic parameters like pH, TSS, TDS, COD, BOD, DO, MLSS, MLVSS, Effluent Flow and Colour (if required) with focus on strengthening your Environmental Cell by keeping a proper check on water consumption and effluent discharge.
Lab Instuments
DO Meter Weighing balance
BOD Incubator Vacuum pump
COD Digester Magnetic Stirrer
pH Meter Glasswares
TDS Meter Lab Chemicals
Muffle Furnace Test kits
Hot air Oven    

Online Analyzers
Alkalinity Ozone
Ammonium Particle counting
Chlorine Phosphate
Chlorine dioxide Silica
Fluoride Sodium
Hardness Toc
Oxygen scavenger Turbidity


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