Process Consultancy
We are well recognized in the industry for the expertise in handling operational problems and finding long-term, sustainable solutions for our clients with an exceptional balance of system design capabilities, mechanical repair and fieldwork experience.

We have implemented a wide range of innovative waste water treatment solutions tailored to the client requirements. Our integrated approach considers both treatment and source control to deliver the most cost effective solutions. Our know-how in this field helps clients to achieve a significant reduction of investment and operational costs through an integrated pollution strategy as opposed to end-of-pipe technologies.

EnviroWay works for both individual facilities and larger engineering companies who seek specialized support for water and wastewater treatment systems design and/or evaluation.
We help you in :
Identifying the bottlenecks in unit operations and processes.
Optimizing the plant performance.
Arriving at techno-commercially viable solution in case of augmentation and up gradation.
Following the back calculation for feasibility check.
Covering the entire cycle from analysis to commissioning till operations.
Conducting treatability studies, laboratory testing and pilot testing both in house and at the plants as well.
Developing management systems at the waste water treatment plant to effectively monitor the performance and to analyse the requirement of the preventive
  maintenance also.
Providing optimal solutions for waste water treatment applications as per the customized requirement of the client so we offer analysis and feasibility of each
  specific situation.
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