Process Optimization
Basic wastewater treatment facilities reduce organic and suspended solids to reduce the potential for pollution of receiving waters and to comply with discharge consent conditions. We prepare the best working model of running your STP/ ETP as we believe on the principles that effective management and control of the processes used for domestic and industrial effluent treatment will help you to:
Reduce your operating costs and thus increase profits
Achieve more effective compliance with legislation
Improve your company’s public image
A thorough understanding of the nature and properties of your company’s sewage & effluents is essential for cost-effective pollution control solution. The five steps we follow to have to effective effluent management are:
Characterise all effluents produced on-site;
Implement a waste minimization programme to reduce the volume and strengths of effluents;
Incorporate in-process conditioning and treatment, where appropriate
Determine and install segregation facilities to tailor treatment options,
Optimise performance of ETP/ STP
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