Research & Development
Advancement in needs and technology has necessitated the evolving of treatment process that removes dissolved matter and toxic substances. Currently the advancement of scientific knowledge and moral awareness has led to a reduction of discharges through pollution prevention and recycling, with the noble goal of zero discharge of pollutants.
EnviroWay , Canada specializes in water and wastewater treatment with over two decades of experience in the field. Through extensive research and development throughout the years, we have established the knowledge and capability to handle the most demanding water & waste water treatment situations.

Our research and development team brings forth the most innovative, eco-friendly microbial solutions for bio-augmentation and application in the fields of municipal, industrial, institutional, recreational, and commercial wastewater management. Our approach taps the potential of microbial communities for alleviating contaminants from nature and removes the undesired chemical load from the environment.

As a wastewater management company, we envisage in developing products to greatly reduce the eco-burden and are committed to providing healthier and cleaner alternatives for sustainable development. Our corporate responsibility is to not only stay on top of current technology, but to innovate it by pushing efficiency further. Our objective is to assist our client’s needs in any way possible, all while upholding robust ethics. We believe we have to work together to make a difference and EnviroWay is the first step in creating change for environmental improvement.

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