RWH ( Rain Water Harvesting )
We plan & design rainwater harvesting systems based on your specific requirements. Detailed studies are undertaken by us for the same, keeping in mind the average rainfall in your city, total catchment area and other parameters. Based on the same, EnviroWay suggests storage & recharge solutions best suitable to your site. CAD drawings along with detailed BOQs are presented to our client as part of our consultancy services.

Rainwater Harvesting simply put is the direct collection of rain water. The idea is to catch the rain as it falls over building surfaces and channel it through pipes to pre-defined storage points.
A rainwater harvesting system has three main stages -
Collecting & transporting rainwater
  This is done through catchment areas & conduits. The catchment of a water harvesting system is the surface receives rainfall directly. Conduits are the pipelines that carry rainwater from the catchment or rooftop to the harvesting system.
  A filter unit is a chamber filled with filtering media to remove debris and dirt from water before it enters the storage tank or recharge structure.
Storage in Tanks for Reuse/ Recharging the Groundwater Levels
  The harvested water can now be stored in storage tanks for immediate usage, which are designed according to the water requirements of the society or can also be used to recharge the ground water levels by using structures like dugwells, borewells, recharge, recharge trenches and recharge pits.
EnviroWay as such offers the complete range of services you may require
RWH Design
RWH Installation
RWH Management
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