Water Management
Industries are focusing on reducing demand, maximising recycling opportunities; minimizing water losses due to breakdowns and leakages; and investing in new water storage infrastructure. Safe disposal of industrial effluents has become a mandate, subject to the increasingly stringent discharge regulations.

For sustainable development another challenge before the industry is optional management of water and wastewater leading to zero discharge.

One of the core elements of Water Management is "Water Audit".
  A Water Audit is a “Systematic approach of Identifying, Measuring, Monitoring and Reducing the Water Consumption by various activites in an Industry”.  
Identify the sources of water consumption and Wastewater Generation through Field Studies.
Quantification and Characterization of Water and Wastewater by way of appropriate sampling and measurements.
Establishment of Specific Water Consumption and Wastewater Generation / Ton of Products Produced.
Benchmarking of Specific Water Consumption and Wastewater Generation with similar type of Industry
Identify Energy Saving Potential in Pumps and Pumping Systems.
Evolve techno-economic feasible solutions for recommended measures for implementation
Water and Wastewater audit are conducted to meet client needs based on a range of targets aimed at sustainable water management. Below are the steps followed during the audit process:
Analyse historic water use in the plant Identify energy saving potential for pumps and pumping systems
Identify water flow and quality for each applications Analyse for Compliance & Leagal Requirements
Identify the sources of wastewater generation and the areas for water conservation On-the spot recommendations of General House Keeping measures.
Pre-Assessment Audit Report Submission Recommendation of short term measures and evolving options for Medium and Long Term measures
In-depth process studies for waste quantification and characterization Evolving Techno-Economic feasible measures for the options identified
Identify for Flow Monitoring, Measurement, Sampling and Analysis Recommend the feasible options for recommendations
Identify areas for water conservation and waste minimization measures Submission of Detailed Audit Report
  Water Conservation is critical to ensure we protect one of our most precious resources. It’s a winning scenarion for everyone: you conserve water, save on your water & electricity bill and also contribute to the protection of our water resources.  
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