Water to be supplied for public use must be potable i.e. satisfactory for desire purpose from the standpoints of its chemical, physical and biological characteristics. Drinking water should, preferably, be obtained from a source free from pollution. The raw water normally available from surface water source is, however, not directly suitable for drinking purposes.
The objective of water treatment is to produce safe and potable drinking water to the communities they serve. We design, develop and engineer various types of water purifier systems and water treatment plants. In addition to it, we also manufacture standard and optional spare parts for our systems like RO plant, demineralization plant and water softening plants. Our systems are manufactured using good quality raw materials and components ensuring durable and effective services.
Some of our product range includes:
Filtration System Ultrafiltration
Softener Nanofiltiration
Dealkalizer Reverse Osmosis
Demineralizer Desalination
Ultrapure Water Technologies Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System (SWRO) and
Chemical Feed with Dosing System Electro Deconization (EDI)

Being an environmental engineering group, we pay paramount attention in designing and providing water treatment systems and chemicals that help us in staying ahead of our competitors. We follow a quality management program in compliance with latest Indian standards to keep a vigilant eye on the whole design, manufacturing and installation process. Moreover, we also make sincere and uncompromising efforts in delivering water treatment chemicals assuring no hazard or adverse effect on equipment or environment. Regular test of various crucial chemical & operating parameters are carried at regular intervals.

Our engineers train local plant operators and technicians the know-how, as to how to rectify any minor fault in the water treatment plant if any problem arises. The training imparted is both rigorous and regular to ensure that the technology used in EnviroWay project is clearly understood by the local technicians of the client.

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