• Vision:

Motivated by the Spirit of Enterprise, to become a global entity and establish the highest standards in the area of Water & Waste Water Management business and provide better value to our customers.

  • Mission:

Consistently grow by providing products and services of international standards so as to maintain high level of customer satisfaction and profitability, to enhance shareholder value and opportunities to our employees. Our company mission is of the highest moral standard —————– we want to improve quality of life —————- we want to help mankind. We must therefore adopt the same high standards in our work for EnviroWay in general ————————— nothing else makes sense.

  • Value:

Values are unwritten rules about how people should interact ————— rights and wrongs ————— as well as rules about things that are important. Incorporating integrity into our core values means:

  • We must have consistency between what we say and what we do———— we must ‘walk the talk’.
  • We must be sensitive to moral issues
  • We must act ethically

Spot talent infuses in them the spirit of Entrepreneurship with performance as a benchmark and fosters corporate integrity in the interest of customers, stakeholders & employees, by constantly raising our bars. 

  • Quality Standards

Sustained transformation & enhancement of quality delivery is an integral belief that powers our growth and is the guiding principle for a truly exceptional customer experience. A rational blend of determined intentions, focused efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution offers us a strong platform to deliver world class products and solutions to our customers.

We have institutionalized quality in everything we do. From processes to people to products, focus on quality touches every constituent of our organization to realize our goal of being a customer-focused, truly global corporation. We lay emphasis on continuous improvement and performance excellence to ensure high standards of quality in our products and solutions. We also focus on developing a quality management system that is designed to facilitate continual improvement, stimulate efficiency and enhance our customer’s experience with our products and solutions. 

  • Customer Service

In line with our Corporate Philosophy, we reaffirm our commitment for providing reliable Quality Products and Services through mastering and applying the latest technologies in the field through research and strategic partnerships to our valuable customers.

Customer satisfaction is a core value and the Company is committed to providing customers the best value for money through quality solutions and services that meet needs of consumers. We are focused on understanding customer needs and obtaining customer feedback for improving products and services and finding innovative solutions that will improve the quality of people’s lives and the environment. We use the most efficient, environmentally-friendly, and inexpensive means to create the best results for our clients.