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Bio-augmentation is the addition of specifically formulated microbes to a waste situation. It is done in conjunction with the development and the monitoring of an ideal growth environment, in which these microbes can live and work. It allows one to control the nature of the biomass. Bio-augmentation ensures that proper microbes are present in the waste situation in sufficient type, number, and compatibility to attack the waste constituents effectively and break them down into their most basic compounds, such as carbon dioxide gas (CO2), and water.

EnviroWay products merely assist Mother Nature by adding suitable amounts of specific bio-enzyme products to speed up the process. For waste digestion, microbial products should have several identifiable characteristics that are important to introducing bacterial action into any systems that include the ability to:

  • Digest organic waste quickly and completely, without causing odorous or noxious gas.
  • Not cause disease in humans or animals (non-pathogenic).
  • Grow and reproduce readily in environment conditions or organic waste.

Recommended Products

Biozyme - For Aerobic Treatment

Biozyme – For BOD & COD reduction in Aeration System

Benefits: Provides healthy aerobic microbes for faster decomposition of organic load, Increases the shock load tolerance, Lesser HRT required then conventional, Supports in better performance in various technology: MBR, MBBR, FAB, SAFF, SBR & ASP

Biocrobe - For Anaerobic Waste Water Treatment

Biocrobe – For BOD & COD removal in Anaerobic Digestor

Benefits: For reduction of organic waste in anaerobic condition. Reduces foul odours; Sustainability at high temperature, and helps in building stronger sludge blanket, Reduces the anaerobic commissioning time to 30 days

Bio-shield - To Reduce Sludge Volume

Bio Shield – For sludge reduction in Sludge Holding / Septic Tank

Benefits: Supports in reducing organic solids load Enhances sludge conditioning by increasing microbial activity in organic solid waste decomposition It restores normal biological activity to septic tanks, sewer treatment plants and sludge lagoons.

Bio FOG Digester - For Fate, Oil & Grease Removal

Bio FOG – For reduction of Oil, Fats & Grease

Benefits: Supports in achieving O&G parameter, Odour removal, Frequency of cleaning reduces Reduction of organic load, fat & grease enhance the efficiency of aeration basin.

Bio Tab - Urinal Block

Bio Tab – For Septic Tank, Urinals & Toilets

Benefits: Eliminates malodors in septic tanks, urinals, sinks and toilets. Properly maintains septic systems, and works as cleaner for toilet bowl urinals and sinks. A perfect alternative to dangerous chemicals, breaking down organic waste safely and effectively.

Biozyme - Drain Maintainer

Bio Drain – For Free Flowing Drain Lines

Benefits: Bio Drain is a dual-purpose synergistic blend of cultured bacteria, enzymes, detergents, and deodorants that will digest and liquefy organic waste, paper, detergent, grease, hair, fat, and other wastes to free drains, pipes, and grease traps.

Odour Terminator

EnviroWay Odour Terminator – Delivers long lasting odour control effect

Benefits: Super safe formula contains natural and non-pathogenic bacteria cultures and enzymes to breakdown odours associated with smoke, garbage, mildew, sweat, washrooms, laundry, fitness facilities, kitchens & closets.

EnviroWay - Refresh

EnviroFresh – Freshens an entire room with one spray

Benefits: Specially formulated with a blend of natural microbes and enzymes to encapsulate odours instead of masking them; Unlike other air fresheners that contain harsh chemicals, we use nature to deliver an advanced freshness.

Bio Brick - For Grease Trap

Bio Brick – For Grease Trap, Lift / Pumping Stations, Drain Lines

Benefits: Eliminates odours, Enhances oil & grease decomposition, Maintains free flowing drain lines, Treats and prevents clogging in Grease Traps

Bio Composting - For Degradation of Solid Waste

Bio Composting – For Kitchen & Organic Solid Waste Treatment

Benefits: Organic waste decomposition and support organic solid waste management. Enriches the soil quality by producing manure that can be used in nursery of house gardens

Bio Pond - Nitrogen Converter

Bio Pond – For Lakes & Ponds

Benefits: Clarity of water is increased by reduction in algae growth; Reduces sludge accumulation in bottom of lakes & ponds; Reduces ammonia levels 40-50% in 24-48 hours and increases treatment efficiency by at least 50%; Water becomes safe for aquatic life

Bio Aqua - Water Conditioner

Bio Aqua – Water Conditioner for Fish, Prawn & Shrimp

Benefits: Improves dissolved oxygen & balance of algae growth; Improves water clarity in aquaculture systems by providing good settle ability of suspended solids; Reduces ammonia levels, nitrates, algae & sludge build-up. Assists in controlling H2S gases

Aqua Probiotics

Aqua Probiotics – For Fish & Shrimp

Benefits: Supports gut health by stabilizing intestinal micro flora; Enhances feed conversion ratio; Improves overall health of aqua species; Boosts the growth of plankton; Facilitates faster growth and weight gain while simultaneously ensuring more consistent shrimp/ fish size

Bio Cure Tablets

Biocure Tablets – For Fish & Shrimp

Benefits: Improves water quality by degrading excess sludge and sediment; Improves dissolved oxygen and the balance of algae growth; Reduces ammonia levels, nitrates, algae and sludge build up; Reduces or eliminates the time required to oxidize the pond bottoms between growing cycles

Aqua Vitacare - Aquatic Supplement

Aqua Vitacare – Aquatic Supplement for Fish, Prawn & Shrimp

Benefits: Contains essential electrolytes for osmoregulation and nutrient transfer to cells resulting in healthy growth & development increases feed efficiency, growth, survival rate by supporting biological life processes & enzyme production in a Prawn, Shrimp & Fish.

Bio-Soil Guard

Bio-Soil Guard

Benefits: Bio-Soil Guard are beneficial microbes to boost plant health by generating Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) to common crop pathogens such as powdery mildew, take-all, leaf spot, and root rot

Bio-Soil Conditioner

Bio-Soil Conditioner

Benefits: Bio-Soil Conditioner are naturally-fermented microbes that can condition the soil to provide a helpful growing environment. This ready to use product works by stimulating soil biology to enhance soil performance

Bio Nutrients – To provide nutrients to microbes

Benefits: Provides adequate nutrients to microbial growth
Faster biological commissioning by enhancing bacterial multiplication